Here my Fabbrizii Aperitif with aromatic herb biscuits

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Try this, and then this, and then this. Which one do you like best? Sage, marjoram, rosemary? You don’t know how to decide! Maybe it’s better to try again.

Here’s what happens if you bring a steaming basket of aromatic herb cookies on the table. Everyone is happy to go spoiled for choice of the best. 

After all, how cannot be attractive some hot oven-baked savory cookies that give off a subtle scent of blooming meadows?  And how can they not call another taste when the first one has melted in your mouth in all its buttery fragrance? Then shall we talk about those leaves put there for decoration that alone are a joy for the eyes?

I add, on the cook’s side , that preparing them gives a great satisfaction. I convinced you, didn’t I?

A strategic tip: since they are excellent hot – and for this I recommend to take them to the table just out of the oven and wrapped in a napkin – you can prepare them in advance, spread them on the baking tray, and put them in the fridge before cooking.  Then, while you prepare a cocktail for your friends, they happily bake in the oven, just 10 minutes!

What cocktail to offer? I paired my aromatic herb cookies with a slightly alcoholic aperitif, prepared with my great spring passion: Aperitivo Fabbrizii.  A light liqueur (16%) with sweet notes, fragrant and markedly citrus, ideal for the first drinks outdoors.

To make it a little more sparkling, light and bitter, I mixed it (1/ 3) with tonic water Fever Tree, also with a citrus recall.  A few ice cubes, a slice of orange and off, the cocktail is served!

Don’t forget the cookies in the oven!

Some other ideas for a Ligurian aperitif?

If you are looking for other inspirations for your spring aperitif, always inspired by my sunny Liguria, then take a look at the post: “my Ligurian aperitif and the recipe of fried sage” where I explain you how to prepare everything that is normally on the table for a great aperitif with friends (including the fried sage made at the last minute), or look at the post: “our aperitif in the alley and the loaves” where I tell you about the summer aperitifs in our beach house, or rather outside, in the alley.

Other good recipes to prepare and offer to friends, while drinking few glasses, can be pancakes of boragecod fritters, and crostini prescinseua and prebuggiun! There is plenty of choice, as for the biscuits with herbs!

But now here is the recipe of my aromatic herb cookies, have fun!

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