I have always a writing project about Liguria and its food in my mind and I want to share them with you whilst they develop and take shape.

Taste of Liguria, my newsletter, is a window on the backstage of all my “Ligurian activities”. A jump into my writing worksite, a place where I share the perspective of a local writer with a decade of experience in browsing Liguria for food. 

Here I write about the people I met, the recipes I taste & test, the products I discover, the places I visit, books, fairs, events I participate… In a nut, I share here with you whatever interesting and worth knowing about Liguria food I will come across during my research.

That might mean a collection of tips on how to travel avoiding mass tourism, an interview with a local producer or artisan you might meet on a future trip to Liguria, an in-depth feature about some hidden Valley one hour from Genoa. Or – and this is for sure my cup of tea –  the stories behind traditional dishes and how to make them at home.

Are you walking with me?

Taste of Liguria 

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