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customize your Liguria food journey

Pick my taste buds

Are you a real foodie and want to experience Liguria diving to its food and wine culture?
Or just looking to save time in research?

This travel service is perfect for you if you already planned to come and visit Liguria and you want to taste it till the very last bite!
Let me curate the most unique food and wine oriented itinerary for you exactly as you dreamed it.
With my combined hundreds of hours traveling around Liguria and writing about its food and wine heritage, I’ll be taking you off the beaten path to live authentic experiences and let you “taste” the Italian Riviera through full immersion.





On request

This service does not include any transports booking or making any reservations on your behalf

How does it work?

  • We start with a questionnaire to go through all your needs and requests.
  • As soon as I receive all your answers, we will schedule a 30-minute video call to source inspirations and review all the details over a cup of coffee.
  • I will then get hands-on to curate the best made-to-measure custom made itinerary and/or experience of your dreams.
  • I will send you a proposal draft itinerary in 4-7 working days, together with some suggested stays, for you to review, ensuring that every detail meets your expectations.
  • Once all details are finalized, I’ll send you the final itinerary in 7 working days including suggested restaurants, old shops, wineries and other food experiences not to miss once you discover Liguria.

All you need to do is book your stays and pack your luggages!

As this service is completely tailored on your needs, contact me to know more about pricing.

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