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These classes are designed to accommodate groups (max 8 people) and are available upon reservation. I can personalize your private cooking adventure in my kitchen with different options:

Ligurian inspired menu

We will cook a full meal that’s a tribute to Liguria from scratch, from appetizers to dessert, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. You will discover the secrets and techniques that have been passed down through generations, and expand your kitchen repertoire with reliable Ligurian recipes. The class lasts 4,5 hours, price starts from € 200 per person.

Fresh pasta cooking class

Curious about fresh pasta? I will teach you how to make traditional Ligurian fresh pasta shapes and then how to prepare the authentic Genoese pesto in the mortar. Or, you can opt for learning how to make pansotti (our traditional vegetarian stuffed belly-shaped ravioli) and walnut sauce in the mortar, their perfect seasoning. The class last 3,5 hours, price starts from € 160 per person.

Genoese Focaccia & baking cooking class

Unlock the secrets of crafting the perfect Genovese focaccia, this iconic Italian bread, celebrated for its irresistible aroma and flavors. I will teach you how to make the original Genoa focaccia recipe and its baking secrets. Not only! I will teach you also how to prepare the famous Focaccia al Formaggio di Recco (the mouthwatering cheese savory pie) and how to prepare the best Italian pizza too! The class last 4,5 hours, price starts from € 180 per person.

How do they work?

Every class is 100% hands-on.  Every dish will be seasoned with family stories and local tradition to connect you with the heritage of Ligurian cuisine whilst cooking. Every experience will culminate with a lunch, served on my picturesque terrace overlooking the city or in my welcoming (air conditioned) dining room.

Large families with kids are always welcome!

Prices may vary according to the number of people and special requests.

If you love wine and not only food, I can also organize for you a Ligurian wine tasting with a certified sommelier. And a photographer can be hired for the day to capture the most significant moments of the class.

For more information and checking available dates write to me at

If you are planning one of these experiences in the high season (May – September) I suggest to get in touch as soon as possible as it’s my busiest period of the year!

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