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What about having me right there in your kitchen, guiding you through the art of Ligurian cuisine as if we were side by side. And why not extend this pleasant experience to your loved ones who may be miles away? We can all unite in the joy of cooking as if we were sharing the same kitchen!

All it takes is a laptop or tablet with sound, a built-in camera, and a high-speed internet connection. From there, your culinary adventure begins.

From my small kitchen in Genoa I’ll show you the secrets of Ligurian cooking, offering live demonstrations on how to handle and blend traditional Italian ingredients, readily addressing your questions, sharing cooking tips, and dispelling any lingering doubts. As our delicious dishes simmer, I’ll tell you stories of Liguri food culture and the rich history behind the traditional recipes we’re crafting. Feel free to inquire about Genoa, the Italian Riviera, or any other curiosities about our beautiful country. It’ll be like stepping into my Genoa kitchen for a real cooking class!

Here below you can find two ways for cooking online with me:

Enrica Monzani - asmallkitchenigenoa

Open cook-along

From time to time, especially during the winter holidays, I organize open cook-along.

Classes run about 90 minutes and take place on Zoom. They are reserved for a maximum of 12 people as I wish to keep them as intimate as possible. Prices range from €45 to €60.

For checking the available classes click here

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Private online classes

It’s really simple. Shoot me an email at enrica@asmallkitcheningenoa.com, and I’ll present you with some range of menu options, tailored to the season and your desired duration, ranging from 90 minutes to 3 hours. If you have a particular Italian dish you’ve been yearning to master, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into our culinary adventure. Once your menu is chosen, I’ll send you a comprehensive list of the ingredients and tools you’ll need.

We’ll coordinate the perfect cooking class time based on your time zone and availability.

The cooking class itself will be conducted via Zoom, and I’ll provide you with the link to join via email. Feel free to connect as many devices as you like, making it ideal for a family gathering, a group of friends, or even a team-building activity.

Our journey through the flavors of the Italian Riviera starts at just €250, with payment made in advance through PayPal. On the day of the cooking class, we’ll meet on Zoom and embark on a culinary adventure together. By the end of our class, you’ll master a bunch of Italian Riviera recipes to share with your loved ones!

For additional information and to reserve a date don’t hesitate to reach out to me at enrica@asmallkitcheningenoa.com!

Here some reviews of

my past students

"This class was an absolute delight as it was well executed and the end result is just fantastic. Enrica made it easy to follow along and took her time to check in and make sure everyone was progressing properly. I will be signing up for more classes as this brought me back to Liguria virtually, when in person travel isn't an option."


"Enrica’s classes are a delight. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Ligurian cooking and her love for Genoa is inspiring. Her food is authentic and delicious. Wish we could just camp out in her kitchen."


"Enrica’s charming and generous nature shines right through her zoom class and lands right your dinner plate! A very well planned class allowed the class to successfully create a beautiful pasta dish with 3 distinct components all from scratch. The portions were for “4” but I found that I had enough to serve 8! Enrica gave storage tips and other useful information throughout our learning. What joy to spend time in the kitchen together and enjoy Enrica’s hospitality in my own home! Thank you Enrica!"


"Enrica‘s course was well prepared, structured and easy to follow. All this means that I had a fun time and my family devoured the pesto lasagna as soon as it came out of the oven. "


"The class was well organized. Erica is very efficient and accomplished. I enjoyed my time and learned several new things. Hope to join her in the future."

Pursuant to art. 22 paragraph 5 bis of the Consumer Code, Enrica Monzani guarantees that the reviews published on her website come from people who have actually purchased her services. This is because it is only to the actual purchasers of her services Enrica requires a feedback on their experience. With reference to the reviews on the Google My Business platform, being it a  freely accessible platform, Enrica Monzani cannot guarantee the authenticity of all the reviews there written

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