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Master the basics of Ligurian cuisine at your own pace

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Master the art of  Ligurian cuisine learning 12 authentic traditional recipes (including famous basil pesto and Genoese focaccia).

This cooking course  is made of a series of on-line cooking classes structured in step-by-step video recipes. Each recipe comes with an introduction on the ingredients and on the stories and legends behind it.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. You do not need to have previous cooking experience and basic cooking tools will suffice.

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What you will learn

12 authentic traditional Ligurian dishes



Duration & time

3,5 hours step-by-step videos



lifetime (including adjournments)


€ 87 (VAT exempt)

past students say

"This is a perfect course for me. Trying to learn the authentic recipes of Genoa/Liguria for my Italian heritage. I live in California. Thank you!"

Rachel C.

"Yes, great match and brings me back to my ancestors who immigrated from Genoa. "
Richard B.
"I’ve only made to focaccia so far but it far exceeded my expectations. This is a must have course for any home cook wanting to make authentic Italian dishes."
Chloe M.
"Clear instructions, many useful tips and overall a great way to learn about Genoese cooking"
Edward S.
"Wonderful course. The instructor has an approachable, pleasant teaching style. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the incredible world of Italian cooking!"
Thomas Scott C.
"Superb! Knowledge and presentation excellent!"
Umberto U.

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What authentic recipes will you learn to cook?

  • Genoese focaccia, original recipe [Bread]
  • Farinata – chickpea tart [Starter – vegan]
  • Pasta with basil Pesto -in the mortar and with the blender [Pasta course – vegetarian]
  • Liguria Fresh pasta dough [Pasta – basics]
  • Genoese Ravioli, meat and veggies stuffed pasta  [Pasta course]
  • Tocco  – Genoese meat sauce [Sauce]
  • Pansoti – veggie stuffed pasta [Pasta course]
  • Walnut sauce [sauce – vegetarian]
  • Ligurian braised chicken [Main course]
  • Polpettone – potatoes and green beans casserole [ Main course – vegetarian]
  • Spinaches with pine nuts and raisin [Side dish]
  • Storscia – The extra-virgin olive oil cake [Dessert – vegan]

What you will need for the lessons


No previous cooking experience needed


You will need basic cooking equipment

such as pots with lids, pans, baking dishes, baking sheets and bowls


pasta machine or rolling pin

You might need for certain recipes a rolling pin and a pasta machine, or the pasta attachment for your stand mixer


Stove and oven

You will need access to a stove and an oven


The ingredients!

You will need to shop for the ingredients listed in the recipes

Why choosing this cooking course

On March 2020 the pandemic forced me to suspend my vis-a vis cooking classes, my beloved work. I had to rethink my offer with the aim, however, to always share the Ligurian  cuisine and put to good use the expertise I have gained in years of teaching cooking classes.
I therefore started video recording the best and most authentic Ligurian recipes – the very same I used to teach to my guests at home – and created my first Liguria cooking course on demand.
A series of on-line cooking classes that you can follow at your own pace, in your kitchen, alone or with friends and family.
In this virtual cooking course, made with all my love, I teach in the very same way I do at home during my cooking classes in person, so my video cooking demonstrations are genuine, spontaneous and approachable. All instructions are very clear. You will feel like you were sitting across from me in my family kitchen. Let’s shorten distances!
I will show you the recipes step-be-step, sharing from time to time all the tips and tricks I have learned by myself repeating these dishes time after time, first with my grandma supervising me and then by myself.
I will unlock many of the mysteries of Ligurian cuisine, including the famous basil pesto sauce. Whilst cooking I will also tell you stories of the origins of the dishes and their traditional ingredients, exactly as I use to do during my classes here in Genoa. This will not only be an Italian cooking class but also a dive into the Liguria food culture.

baci di alassio kisses recipe in the making
baci di alassio liguria recipe ingredients

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