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About the experience

My tour through the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Valley in Liguria is a delightful and educational experience around our liquid gold.

We will drive through the scenic Ligurian countryside and explore picturesque villages and olive groves where to admire the carefully tended olive trees and the stunning terraced landscapes.

We will visit a modern Olive oil mill where you’ll learn about the methods used to produce high-quality Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil and then enjoy a professional olive oil tasting.

Following the tasting, we will savor a private lunch at the olive oil mill with Ligurian dishes that celebrate extra-virgin olive oil like bruschetta, pasta with pesto, olive oil and cod fish, olive oil drizzled on fresh vegetables and olive oil-based desserts.

After lunch, we will relax and enjoy a coffee in the olive grove and a visit to an ancient olive mill.

This experience offers an enchanting blend of culture, cuisine, and nature.

Tour details


Imperia area (private means of trasport are required)



Duration & time

5 hours in the morning/lunch time


On request

Type & size

Private experiences


starts from € 200 per person (VAT exempt)

How does it work, how much does it cost and what’s included in the price?

The experience takes 5 hours in the morning/lunch time and it’s located in the Imperia area (private means of transport are required).

Price starts from € 200 per person (VAT exempt) according to the number of people and special requests if any. The price includes tour of the Impero Valley, visit to a modern olive mill, oil tasting, lunch with a glass of wine, coffee in the olive groove and visit to an ancient mill.

A photographer can be hired for the day to capture the most significant moments of the class.

For more information and checking available dates you can write me at enrica@asmallkitcheningenoa.com.

If you are planning this experience in the high season (May – September) I suggest to get in touch as soon as possible as it’s my busiest period of the year!

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Send me an email to enrica@asmallkitcheningenoa.com

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