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Ciao! I’m Enrica

a home cook, food researcher and experience curator born and bred in Liguria.

I study, tell, cook, share and teach Ligurian cuisine and the culture surrounding it.

In my newsletter “Taste of Liguria” I  celebrate Liguria’s gastronomic diversity and richness through recipes, producers, traditions and shops I discover during my wanderings around the Region.

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What you will find in the e-cookbook

Summer parties, outdoors, with friends, are one of the most beautiful moments of the year. 

I like to accompany these special moments, carefree and full of life, with treats made at home, with love, that fill the eyes and make smiling of satisfaction at the first bite. 

The 12 recipes of this small collection are the dishes that I use to prepare most often in summer time when I invite friends in the garden, for a dinner or even just for a long aperitif, because they are dishes that fulfill the wish of cuddling your guests on the one hand and enjoying their company on the other.

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