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Unveiling the Flavors of Genoa

About the experience

What better way to immerse yourself in the Ligurian culture than through the food we cook?

My Genoa cooking class is more than just about preparing a meal; it’s a gateway to the rich history, culture, and flavors of Liguria. Together we explore the vibrant Genoa market, meet local artisans, gather the freshest ingredients, connecting you to the roots of Genoese cuisine.

Then, in my vintage home kitchen, amidst the chopping, dicing and the clanking of copper pots and with the fragrance of freshly basil filling the air, you’ll experience hands-on learning in a relaxed, interactive, and, most importantly, fun way.

The experience will finally culminate in a delightful meal set on my patio with a breath-taking views of the City and the sea, sipping wine and chatting some more about Ligurian and its culture.

Tour details


Genova city center (meeting point Mercato Orientale di Genova)



Duration & time

 5,5 hours – from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm

Type & size

Open Small Group class (max 6 people)


starting from € 180 (tax exempt)

Past guests say…

"A bright and beautiful summer’s morning in Genova when I arrived at a hilltop palazzo to make pasta and pesto with Enrica. I immediately felt at home. I loved the vintage Ligurian kitchen with marble counter tops, copper pots and an original pasta making table. Enrica is a warm, passionate and highly knowledgeable host. The lesson was hands on, relaxed and lots of fun. I loved the pre-lunch aperitivo with Enrica’s selection of unique Ligurian cheese, oil and wine. Our group included a family so it was extra fun cooking with the children. Lunch on the shady terrace was amazing. Enrica shared priceless insights and recommendations for sights, shops and foods. I highly recommend this experience and I’m already planning my next class with friends! "

Elizabeth Gill

"We had a fantastic time on our recent market-to-table class. We could really sense Enrica’s genuine enthusiasm and passion for Liguria with all its bountiful produce and uncomplicated but delicious cuisine. So many stories, too - mostly of ingredients & artisan producers. Enrica herself is still enjoying learning & discovering even more about her region & sharing her finds. It was a privilege to spend the day learning so much from a real expert in such a fun & relaxed but professional way. Informative, engaging & inspirational. Gracie mille, Enrica!"
"No matter if you have one day or five to spend in Genoa, a cooking class or food tour with Enrica is a must! From shopping at the market for the freshest ingredients and learning some Genovese history to cooking a delicious meal and enjoying it with our new friends, it was the ultimate experience. The payoff was certainly worth the labor of cooking, but with a little wine, aperitivo, and good conversation, the meal prep hardly felt like work. I can’t wait to make some of these recipes at home and hopefully come back to Genoa and learn more from Enrica!"
"If you're seeking an authentic Italian or Genoese experience join Enrica in A Small Kitchen in Genoa for a hands on cooking experience. I promise you pasta and pesto have never tasted better. It's a sensory experience: the fragrance of fresh pesto, the feel of pasta coming together in your very own hands, the sounds of an Italian kitchen and nature in the background, the sight of your meal and lunch coming together, and the taste of Genoa, the wine, cheeses, gelatos and your own creation. Enrica is the Italian chef best friend you've always wanted to have, that you will want to visit over and over again."
Darlene Duran
"My daughter and I were visiting Genoa for the first time and wanted an experience in which we would be able to learn about the food and culture of Genoa in a more intimate setting. We had a wonderful time with Enrica!!! Not only is she personable, warm and enthusiastic, but she is very knowledgeable about Genovese food, history and traditions! The day passed quickly and was a food tour, local history lesson, cooking class, and a delicious meal which we made ourselves (with a little help!). We enjoyed the fruits of our labor with local wine and new friends on her patio overlooking the whole city. A perfect day! Thank you, Enrica, for sharing your Genoa with us!"
Terri Getzung
"Our market tour and cooking class with Enrica was an absolute delight. Apart from exploring Genova (the city center is an astounding warren of narrow alleyways shaded by tall buildings that also render GPS inoperable) and learning more about its rich history, we learned how to make fresh pasta and pesto. We’ve put our new skills right to work and will never buy a jar of preserved pesto again! All in all, time and money well invested in a delightful, informative, and delicious experience!"
Jeff and Chris
"The market-to-table cooking class was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy and Genoa. Learning about the history and stories of Genoese food and ingredients really makes you understand the Ligurian culture better. Enrica was very passionate in this class, and we enjoyed cooking delicious and authentic Genoese cuisine. We highly recommend taking this class if you're passing through Genoa. Thank you, Enrica! "
Dane De Silva
"I came across Enrica purely by chance doing research for our upcoming trip to Europe. Our lesson with Enrica was nothing short of superb! She was very personable and knowledgeable; her love and passion for cooking was evident in her teaching style and in all the delicious food she prepared for us to try. The setting was spectacular and gave us a true sense of living and cooking in Genoa. I would highly recommend Enrica to anyone visiting Genoa looking for an authentic experience. Thank you Enrica!"
Laurel A Siemon
"Take a class early in your stay because Enrica will show you some great foodie sights you can return to later. Then have a great experience cooking and eating with a glass of wine and lovely conversation. Enrica is a delight and a joy to spend time with. As part of a Birthday group we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."
Shean Higgins
"We had the absolute best experience with Enrica and the market tour and cooking class. From a coffee and pastry to start, exploring the market, gathering all the ingredients for the lunch! We drank great wine, shared stories, learned about the local cuisine and had a blast while doing it. We were on a cruise and it fit into our day at port."
Jason Duggan
"WOW WOW WOW! Enrica is an incredible guide, hostess and chef! We arranged a private tour, cooking class and wine tasting for our group of 7 while we were docked in Genoa. It was the highlight of our 14-day trip to the Med. HIGHLY recommend booking the whole tour & cooking experience. Her kitchen is beautiful and the sit-down lunch in her apartment was stunning - incredible views! Looking forward to doing it again but with different recipes!"
Niklas Sardana III

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Cooking class highlights you will enjoy

  • A coffee with tasting of local sweets in a traditional pastry shop before the market tour
  • A guided tour among the stalls of an Italian fresh food market with tasting of focaccia, cheese, salami and whatever in season my be worthy
  • An hands on cooking class in an authentic Italian home kitchen
  • Final lunch in a terrace with a amazing exclusive view of the entire city of Genoa
  • Lot of fun and laugh with a small group of people that share your love for cooking and traveling
  • My passion and knowledge about the Ligurian cuisine, it’s history and traditions

What you will

cook and taste

In addition to a welcoming aperitivo with a cheeseboard to nibble whilst cooking and sipping wine, we will cook 3 traditional dishes according to seasonality and time at our disposal. There are vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan options too.

Here an example of possible menu options.

Pasta Course

Traditional fresh hand-made pasta (tagliatelle or corzetti, or mandilli de sea, potato gnocchi) with basil pesto made in the  mortar, pansotti (veggies stuffed pasta) with walnut sauce, pasta with clams, a traditional soup.

Main Course

Italian Riviera braised chicken, stewed rabbit Ligurian style or meat rolls (tomaxelle), stuffed anchovies (acciughe ripiene), fried anchovies, stewed mussels, baked fish, a vegetarian savory pie, a cheese pie (focaccia al formaggio di Recco), stuffed vegetables, greenbean and potato meatloaf (polpettone).

Side dish

traditional tomato salad (condigiun), seasonal vegetables stewed or baked


shortbread cookies (canestrelli), stuffed baked peaches, extravirgin olive oil cake (stroscia di Pietrabruna), chestnut pie (castagnaccio), apple focaccia.



1 hour market tour with food tastings

for living a real-life daily grocery in Italy


taxi transfer

from the market to my home.


4 hours hands-on cooking class

in a traditional home kitchen


final lunch

al fresco or in an air conditioned dining room


all top quality, local and fresh ingredients

for preparing the dishes


first quality Ligurian wine

to sip cooking and dining


tasting of local cheeses, charcuteries and extra-virgin olive oil

for discovering what our rich territory has to offer


An apron with the logo & a booklet with the recipes

An apron with the logo of the cooking class to take home as a nice memento of the experience and a booklet with the recipes in English to be sent after the class via email.


an accountable amount of fun, culture and laugher

during the morning

Why choosing this experience

A culinary adventure you won’t forget!

My Genoa cooking class is the best opportunity for you to discover and enjoy – also through my stories – the Ligurian cuisine from inside.

I will open my house and my kitchen to you for a genuine, local, cozy, convivial food experience.

We will start the cooking day with a coffee in a traditional pastry shop where we will discuss our seasonal menu in between a brioches and a local cookie, just to break the ice with something greedy. Then we will dive into Genoa Mercato Orientale, the biggest covered food market in town, and there we will fill our bags with all the ingredients needed and anoint our fingers with a bit of freshly baked focaccia.

Then we will go to my home, in my vintage Ligurian kitchen where beating basil leaves in the mortar, kneading fresh pasta and cutting vegetables we will dirty our apron and put together a traditional Genoese lunch, in between one story and the other.

If the weather is fine we will then enjoy our culinary efforts with a glass of local wine on my terrace facing the whole town (no worries, if it’s too hot outside, there is large air conditioned dining room too).

This is a very immersive experience and I’m sure that it will become one of the highlights of your stay in Liguria!

For an anticipation on my cooking classes have a look at the video above or get a peek at the special contents on my Instagram profile, and don’t forget to scroll my former guests’ reviews on Google.

baci di alassio kisses recipe in the making
baci di alassio liguria recipe ingredients
“It is not just the Great Works of mankind that make a culture. It is the daily things, like what people eat and how they serve it”

Laurie Colwin

Book your experience

Join my Genoa market to table cooking class to immerse yourself in the Ligurian food culture!
Spots fill up quickly, so make sure to book in advance to avoid missing out on the fun!

Policy & faq

Payments and refunds

Once you’ve made your reservation, I’ll send you the final price along with directions on how to pay for securing your spot in the cooking class.

You can easily make payments using your credit card, also via PayPal (without even needing to register).

If you need to cancel your booking more than 72 hours before your class starts, I’ve got you covered and you’ll get a full refund (deducted applicable bank charges).

Dietary restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, let me know when you book and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I can easily arrange alternative menu options for vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan guests too.


My cooking class is perfect for everyone, including kids (provided of course that parents will be fully responsible of their children behavior in the kitchen)

Kids under 12 pay € 120. Kids under 5 are free.

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