Eattiamo: Liguria flavors in a box.

Just imagine. A long table under a grapevine pergola, the white linen tablecloth trembling under a light breeze, the blue sea there, below, stretched like a silk bedsheet. All around the shining silver green of olive trees and in the air a subtle smell coming from some lemon trees. And you sit there, at that table, with a gentle voice over your shoulders calling “E’ pronto a tavola!” (lunch is ready).

Well, now you can feel as if you were dining alfresco in the sunny Italian Riviera even at your home – far far away from here – with the Cinque Terre food basket of Eattiamo!

This 10 inch square box, in fact, can make the magic with the 6 artisanal food products it contains, carefully selected and coming straight from our Region, which let you prepare a full meal for four people exactly as we would do at our homes in Liguria.

Eattiamo Cinque Terre food basket

First of all an aperitivo made with bruschettas sprinkled with the golden extra-virgin olive oil and some pitted taggiasca olives all produced in Valle Argentina, West Italian Riviera, by the ROI family, who for 5 generations cultivates olive trees producing fruits for more that 600 years.

Eattiamo Cinque Terre food basket

To follow you can prepare a glorious plate of troffie al pesto. Troffie are a traditional shape of pasta original of the backcountry of Recco, in the past it was made by hand by old ladies living in on the hill clinging on the Paradiso Gulf. The troffie of Pasta di Liguria you will find in Eattiamo May box are made by the Minaglia family from their hometown in the Ligurian Apennine mountains with 100% Italian natural wheat and pure spring water.

As to pesto, it is produced by Niasca Portofino. The recipe comes from Emilia and Simona Mussini, restaurateurs in Portofino, and is produced without preservatives, colorants and artificial flavors. It comes to you as it has been ready made.

But do not forget to add some diced potatoes and fresh green beans to the boiling water of your pasta, to make the most authentic version of our “pasta al pesto”!

Eattiamo Cinque Terre food basket

And finally close your meal with some pieces of crumbling Stroscia di Pietrabruna, the traditional West Italian Riviera olive oil cake – a big cookie cake with the flavor of sweet fritters which traditionally must be broken with the hands – prepared by Pandolio 

You can perfect the dessert with some lemon jam – always produced by Niasca using the organic lemons grown on the Portofino mountain – and maybe with some ice cream!

Eattiamo Cinque Terre food basket

Well, olives, extra virgin olive oil, lemons and basil: all the flavors of our region perfectly mixed in one sole mouthwatering dinner ready to prepare in a box!

This is indeed a great idea for letting people abroad know how delicious is our cuisine and for preserving our food identity sponsoring local food artisans. This is why I was so happy when my friends of Eattiamo asked me to taste and review the products contained in their 2019 May box and to take shots of the dinner you can prepare with it! (yes, this is a sponsored post, but made with love).

If you are tempted and want to try, you can place your first order here.

Eattiamo Cinque Terre food basket

They also asked me the recipe to make the authentic pesto at home jointly with a video showing how to make the quick “modern” version with the food processor instead of with mortar and pestle. You can find it on their blog post How to cook a real Italian pesto cream sauce, have a look!

You can also know more about Eattiamo project reading the post Eattiamo: the authentic Italian artisanal products conquer the wold I wrote about two years ago.

Stay happy and cook Italian!

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