Eattiamo: authentic Italian artisanal food products conquer the world

When I started to travel through Liguria in search of “slow food” stories to tell so to show the most intimate folds of my region territory through the lives of those who love and care our land every single day, I thought that it would have been great to be able to help small local producers come out of their tight borders.  To help them conquer – with their authentic products made of love, efforts and tenacity – a bigger slice of this small world. I also thought I could open a small e-shop connected to the blog to give them a virtual shopping window, albeit very small.

Then, as sometimes happens, alike souls cross and recognize themselves. And so on my way I bump into and met the guys of Eattiamo who since a couple of years just do that: they search and select the best Italian food and wine products and give their producers the opportunity to sell directly to America and Europe, and they do it great!

Eattiamo: Cinque Terre box for asmallkitcheningenoa

But who are these Italian “taste paladins”? They are 4 friends, in their early 30s, all Ligurian like me, of La Spezia precisely, extremely talented and determined. These guys decided to put their knowledge on the web and international marketing at the service of small gastronomic Italian realities  with an innovative project that received several international awards, had access to Italian and American business incubators and last month has been awarded, among other things, as the best Italian start-up at the Gioia Smart Awards 2017.

And in what consists exactly their project? They go in search for Italian excellences – a serious scouting activity for which they make use of gastronomes graduate at the “Taste” University of Pollenzo- to create a network of authentic and top quality artisanal  producers and products to be offered on the global market through on-line sales.

But there is more and this is the real news: to promote strictly local Italian products that until today could not be known abroad, they directly delivery to their foreigner costumers’ homes (especially Americans) a pretty smart box containing all what is needed for preparing, following very simple recipes, a full meal for 4 people only with 100% high quality Italian products!

I tried the “box” of June named “Food and art in the Cinque Terre” and dedicated exclusively to Liguria. Inside I found a fragrant dry focaccia, which in part I used as a base of an enviable tomato salad and in part we ate before dinner with a glass of wine, two jars of Taggiasca olives, a pack of marvellous corzetti pasta of Valle Scrivia to be seasoned with pesto and, finally, exquisite lemon biscuits to go out with a bang. In the box, furthermore, there was also a pretty small olive bowl designed by Nicolò Camaiora, a famous Italian designer based in Cinque Terre.

Eattiamo: Cinque terre box menu from Asmallkitcheningenoa

In my opinion, however, the most interesting aspect of this story is that the young guys of Eattiamo with their project not only promote the more authentic and genuine Italian food, but they also tell the world the history of our Country, made of honest people who love their work and their land immensely, who carry on family traditions, who make treasure of the experiences accumulated over the centuries and who struggle every day to preserve the special, unique and countless flavors of our land!


Nicolò Camaiora

Graphics of Nicolò Camaiora for Belin Concept

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