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A contemplative post this time. I spent the last two weekend in Val Graveglia harvesting chestnuts and mushrooms and this is a short photo reportage. Just to give you an idea of how wonderful Ligurian inland is.

Below I also share, as a side of this experience, my “perfect” recipe for roasted chestnuts and some tips on Val Graveglia, including where to eat if you go there (spoiler: the best 2020 Italian Osteria is in Val Graveglia, read below)!

Val Graveglia in Liguria
Val Graveglia in Liguria
Val Graveglia in Liguria
Castagne della Val Graveglia

Roasted chestnuts – my recipe

Where is Val Graveglia in Liguria?

Val Graveglia is in the backcountry on Chiavari and Lavagna (between Rapallo and Sestri Levante). To get there by car you have to exit at Chiavari highway exit and then proceed inland towards Nè, which is the “biggest” town of the valley.

Where to eat in Val Graveglia?

The best ever restaurant in Val Graveglia is La Brinca, (view on Google map) one of the best traditional restaurants of the whole East part of Liguria. Awarded also as one of the best Italian Osterie by Slow food.

Another famous place, just at the beginning of Val Graveglia, already close to Chiavari, is Trattoria Ou Settembrin (view on Google map). Here at very reasonable prices you can taste the most classic Ligurian cuisine.

I also feel to suggest Trattoria dei Mosto (view on Google map). Located in the central square of the characteristic small village of Conscenti its a very traditional Trattoria, with very local Ligurian cuisine. They are famous for their stuffed lettuces.

In Arzeno, a very small and nice village in the highest part of Val Graveglia there are then two “Agriturismi” where to eat during weekends: Agriturismo Villa Rosa (view on Google map) and Agriturismo Chiara (View on Google map).


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