Torta di Riso: the Italian Riviera Savory Rice Pie

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How many times I found myself buying a piece of Savory Rice Pie to stop the hunger pains at lunch time?

The reason probably is that this savory pie is actually the street food version of one of my favorite plates when I was a child: the savory rice pudding (riso al latte, in Italian).

And so, like a madleine for Proust, each time I bite a slice of rice pie I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old and my parents went out for dinner with friends. My mother used to prepare for me and my brother our favorite savory rice pudding. Such a wonderful and clever booby prize for a daughter who hated remain without mom at bed time but was so much greedy!

Maybe nowadays a small part of myself at lunch time still need a booby prize for passing through these long days of an adult life…

I use to prepare it at home for a light lunch in the week ends or for friends: cut in cubes it’s a perfect appetizer.

Probably it has not the same reviving effect on my fellows, but no matter, it’s so tasty and so good to me!

Here below is the recipe of my Italian granny. She used to cook it sometimes. I prepared (and photographed) it for the post in the kitchen that once belonged to her and with her eternal kitchen tools, can you see?

Italian Riviera savory rice pie




rice savory pie dough


savory rice pie dough


savory rice pie filling


savory rice pie




Italian Riviera savory rice pie


Italian Riviera savory rice pie


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