Roasted small turkey, stuffed with sausage, apples and prunes

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I’ve never imagined that cooking a roasted turkey would be such a great pleasure. Now I understand why most of the cooking books, especially those of the past times when people had more time to spend in the kitchen, are full of stuffed and roasted poultry or game: for the fun of the cook maybe more than for the appetite of the diners!

Gently massaging the poultry skin with a mince of freshly chopped aromatic herbs, oil and salt and then letting the beast rest in the fridge to marinate for some time. Hand mixing the filling of sausages, apples, dried prunes and walnuts until smooth and then stuffing it inside the turkey. Sewing the holes with care and patience to preserve the juices of the stuffing. Layering the bacon on top of the turkey paying attention to overlap each slice to cover all the surface and at the same time to create a nice looking pattern. And then looking after your creature slowly roasting in the oven for about three hours, checking from time to time, wishing to obtain a juicy meat inside and a perfectly crunchy skin outside.

And eventually the moment when you present it on the table holding the heating pan in your hands, a big smile on your face. What a great feast!

The showing of part is quite important, I would say, because then there is the cutting part which is far less romantic, unless you are a skilled butcher! Better doing it in the kitchen, where you will prepare the plates with a slice of turkey breast wet with some meat juices remained the pan, a slice of crunchy covering bacon and a scoop of stuffing. To season all, soma sauce made blending the vegetables (carrots and onions) you have let roasting in the pan with your turkey.

To accompany the dish, you can prepare a classic smash potatoes purée or a a simple salad of roasted Brussels sprouts which you have baked in the oven jointly with the small turkey.

For your Christmas lunch, for Easter, for your Thanksgiving or for any other special occasion, here my recipe of a roasted small turkey stuffed with sausage, apples, dried prunes and walnuts (in Italian “tacchinella arrosto ripiena” in Genoese dialect “bibinna pinna“) ! Have a lot of fun in the making and take your time to appreciate it.

roasted turkey stuffed with sausage, apples, prunes and walnuts

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