Pansoti (or pansotti), the Italian Riviera ravioli

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Pansoti are the typical Italian Riviera ravioli-style pasta to eat at home on Sunday lunch. This is my family recipe.


pansotti liguri


This dish is a clear example of Ligurian cuisine: linked to the territory, genuine, straightforward but always extremely tasty.

Pansoti are traditionally stuffed with a mix of wild herbs gathered in the fields called “prebuggiùn“(/’prebuddʒun’) (discover more clicking here!) and with a fresh local cheese called prescinsêua (/’preʃʃinsea/) which is across ricotta and sour cream.

As these ingredients are difficult to find even inside the Italian Riviera borders, people commonly adapt the traditional recipe  using greens generally sold in the markets. For example we us a mix of  spinaches, chard, borages and endive, and ricotta. The result is fine anyway!

For the pansoti showing in this post my prebuggiùn  (I know a couple of farmers who can provide me wild herbs on request) was made of borages, wild chard, dandelion, purslane and wild rocket (I’m not 100% sure, though….).



The famous walnut sauce (second in Liguria only to basil pesto, for its recipe click here!) is the traditional seasoning which exalts the grassy flavour of these ravioli.

On my opinion, however, the delicate taste of the greens inside them emerge as well  just with a simple seasoning of butter and parmesan cheese.

Before the recipe a funny fact: the word “pansoti” derives from the Ligurian dialect “pansa” which means belly. Therefore, when you prepare pansoti remember always that they must turn out well paunchy!

Finally, to help you with the recipe my friend Lorenzo took some beautiful photos of me preparing them. Actually –  and I’m not joking –  he took 1265 photos. Select the ones you find here below was a though work, but I’m so happy with them!

So look at the photos below, get inspired and run to the market to buy all the ingredients!!



pasta fresca ingredienti


pasta fresca pansotti


Italian home made ravioli


Italian home made ravioli


pansotti dough


fresh pasta Italian Riviera


fresh pasta Italian Riviera


pansoti dough


pansoti filling


pansotti ravioli


pansoti ravioli


pansoti recipe


Genoa pansoti


fare i pansotti


Italian Riviera pansotti





Italian Riviera pansoti


panato with walnut sauce




If you don’t cook all the pansoti you have prepared (and you will prepare many) you can freeze them.  Lay them down on a tray dusted with flour and put the tray in the freezer for 3-4 hours. When the pansoti become firm put them in a freezer plastic bag and you can keep them even for a couple of months. When you want to prepare them, you just have to put them freezed in the boiling water and let them cook 1-2 minutes more than suggested above.

It took some time to make them but the pleasure will be long lasting!

pansotti liguri


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