Ligurian baked fish, my recipe

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A perfect Ligurian baked fish requires neither time, nor numerous ingredients, nor special skills.

All you need is a fresh fish and a handful of flavors that speak of Liguria: tomatoes, olives, oregano and an excellent extra virgin olive oil like that of the Frantoio Novella & Vignolo, an mill that for more than 160 years processes olives in Recco, almost on the sea side (as you can see in the picture above!).

Did you notice the oil bottle? Yes, it is beautiful and special and she also talks about Liguria: it is in fact handmade in porcelain by the Mazzotti ceramics factory in Albisola, one of the most famous ceramics hub in Italy since centuries!

Here below you can find the video recipe of this amazingly easy and tasty Ligurian dish! Enjoy the sound, the music and imagine the flavours!

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a home cook, food researcher and experience curator bred and born in Liguria.
I study, tell, cook, share and teach Ligurian cuisine and the culture surrounding it.
Here we celebrate Liguria’s gastronomic diversity and richness through its recipes, producers, traditions and shops.

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