Potato focaccia, baking to stay tuned

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Potato focaccia is the first thing I decided to bake since we were lockdown at home due to this damned Coronavirus.

It is a soft spongy bread, something as soft soft as a pillow where to hide the face and peacefully sleep. It’s fulfilling and nurturing. It’s sweet and salty at the same time. I love it with a slice of prosciutto before dinner (I’m indulging with the aperitivo these days) as well as slightly toasted for breakfast.

For this recipe I also made a video, something I have always postponed as life was running after me until yesterday and I hadn’t ever had enough time for them…

Hope you will enjoy it. It is the first of a (long ?) series on traditional Italian Riviera recipes I will sharing here, on my IGTV channel and on my Youtube channel! I really miss my cooking classes guys!

I’m not so chatty these days, so here the recipe. If you try it please let me know and share the result!


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