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sottoripa e armanino


This morning I was strolling with my son in the historic center of Genoa near the old port area – its very heart and soul.

In its narrow alleys you can find old-style shops and fashionable boutiques, ethnic food shops and traditional confectioneries. So I came up with having a stop at Fratelli Armanino to stock up my kitchen pantry.

This is a narrow-but-deep shop under the porticos facing the old port, opened and still operated by Armanino’s family since 1905.It is specialized in candied fruit, dried fruit and nuts.


armanino dry fruits

The last time I had been there was a couple of days before Christmas (I had to buy excellent raisins for my first homemade Panettone).

That was a tough experience actually. You have to know that it is tradition in Genoa to eat dried fruit and nuts for Christmas, and that it is tradition as well (at least in the bourgeoisie families of Genoa) to buy them at Fratelli Armanino. Result: that time I was helped after 1 hour of queue, spent with my son around my neck squeezed between two old ladies wrapped in their fur.

Today nobody was in the shop. I definitely love following traditions at the wrong time!

I bought walnuts, almonds, peanuts, dried raspberries and blueberries (especially for my breakfast porridge or for a quick snack) and orange blossom water.

Going back home with my tiny, very very very precious bag, I decided to use walnuts for an healthy, energetic, vegetarian savory course of the Genoa culinary tradition: pasta with walnut sauce.


armanino shop inside



fratelli armanino



If you wish to visit Fratelli Armanino old little shop the address is the following:

Via di Sottoripa 105,

16124 Genoa



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